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Community Update

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Pemberton Heights Community Garden Clean-up

Please join your neighbours for the annual Pemberton Heights community garden cleanup! We will be weeding, trimming and tidying three of our community garden spaces: Ashdown Park and our two "gateway gardens" at the entrances to Pemberton Heights to make our neighbourhood look its best. Please bring your own garden tools, bags, gloves and anything else you need to help keep our community looking its best! Plant donations are welcome.

Sat/Sun June 13/14

10am to 3pm

Ashdown Park (Keith Road & Cortell)

Gateway Garden (Keith Road & Hwy 1)

McKay Gateway (McKay Road & Keith Road)

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Capilano Elementary School Calendar 2015/2016

Download Here: Capilano School Calendar

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Quick History: Streetcar Route #3 & The Corner Store

There is something comforting about driving up MacKay Avenue towards Pemberton Heights.

Perhaps the trees and the creekside offer instant stillness and the hint of countryside give a sense of seclusion from the busy streets that are now endemic to the North Shore.  The Corner Stone (formerly The Corner Store) offers a last stop for milk, a meeting place, or an after school candy run. It has quietly weathered the tests of time and provided a hub for the people that live here.

“ We are lucky to have a community that supports this store,” says Tracey Cochrane, current owner of The Corner Stone.

The Corner Store has survived over a century’s worth of development, depression, war, boom and bust by creating a community hub that hangs on in our modern day.

“In many ways, the term the ‘Corner Stone’, we chose that name because it was more fitting in many ways. We really have become the corner stone in the  neighbourhood,” says Cochrane. “From lattes and cold beer to penny candy and three course meals, we have it all.”

Part of the store’s longevity and success can be contributed to being located at a stop on the Route #3 Streetcar that travelled from Esplanade to the Capilano River. The car travelled west to 20th Avenue where via a 450-foot wide and staggering 98-foot high wooden train trestle crossed Mackay Creek.

The western extension of the #3 line originally opened in 1912 and ran until it was condemned and closed in 1943. Just 4 years later in 1947, North Vancouver closed all remaining Streetcar lines.
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Photo above was taken in 1910 during construction of the western line. This photo is roughly at Mackay Avenue and 22nd. (Courtesy of the North Vancouver Museum & Archives)

The Corner Store Then & now

The names of the two men in the picture have been lost to time, but according to the handwritten note on the back of the photo, the boy drinking a coke in front of the Corner Store in 1942 is Gordon Hines. Several local families have owned the store over the years including the Palmers, the Johnsons as well as current owner Tracey Cochrane.

(Photo above courtesy of Tracey Cochrane)

Map of the north shore streetcar lines

Illustration of streetcar lines in overlay on modern map of North Vancouver.
(Photo of Trestle (far right) courtesy of North Vancouver Museum & Archives)

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Church will remain as a Community Center

After more than a year of discussions, community stakeholders, Councillors and city planners see a new vision for the Church buildings keeping both daycare and preschool services in Pemberton Heights. 

The District of North Vancouver has purchased the United Church property on 22nd Avenue which will allow both the daycare and the preschool to continue operations.

A formal announcement by the district will be forthcoming but the community is welcome to attend at The Corner Stone at 7pm on May 7 to thank the district for their support.

“This is a big win for the neighbourhood because now for the first time we actually have something that we can hope to call a community center,” says Colin Metcalfe, President, Pemberton Heights Community Association. “We are about 700 plus homes and there really isn’t anything else for us to call a community center. With this deal we have something that our kids can enjoy for years to come.”

Councillors Doug Mackay-Dunn and Lisa Muri were  early supporters in the community’s efforts along with Brian Bydwell and Ryan Malcolm in the District’s Planning office.

“The real credit should be given to Colin [Metcalfe] and the Pemberton Heights Community Association,” says Mackay-Dunn.  “Pemberton Heights and everyone on the west side is under-served. At the very the least they need something that they can use for a community meeting place. The church has done that for decades. To see that lost would be a significant loss to the community.”
Metcalfe was quick to give credit to other stakeholders and said that this was a real group effort by many members of the community including Herman Mah, Vice President PCHA , Mary Charleson formerly from the Parent Advisory Council, Shawna Ready, chair of the Mums Group and many others.

“This has really been a collaborative effort amongst the other groups within the neighbourhood. From the PAC to the Mums Group and others,”  says Metcalfe. “This has really been a neighbourhood effort.”

Metcalfe mentioned that the District will move forward with the daycare and the preschool and will continue to work with the district on establishing the community’s goals for the site. The PHCA will facilitate the discussions between the neighbourhood and the district and set up a series of meetings to discuss where to go from here.

“At the end of the day it’s no longer a church, it’s been decommissioned and now it’s just a building,” says Mackay-Dunn. “You have to get the best and highest use out of the building, which is to serve the community.  What the district will be doing now is reaching out to the Pemberton Heights Community Association and the community to figure out the best use.”

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Pemberton Heights Community Yard Sale

May 30/31
Download Map Here: Map Download

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